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Osa was created in 1914, as the third canton of the Province of Puntarenas, with the town of Buenos Aires as its capital. This canton originally covered an extensive area (7,623 square kilometers), which meant about 15% of the Costa Rican territory. Currently, Osa has six districts: Ciudad Cortés; Palmar; Sierpe; Piedras Blancas, Drake Bay and Bahia Ballena.

The average geographical coordinates of the canton of Osa are given by 08°53’38” north latitude and 83°30’51” west longitude. The head of the canton is located at an altitude of 6 meters; Palmar Norte: 26 meters; Sierpe: 8 meters; Bahia Ballena (Uvita): 12 meters; Piedras Blancas: 30 meters.

Osa, like the other four cantons of the south-south region, was inhabited by indigenous groups known as bruncas. Those of this particular territory were under the dominion of the Cacique Osa, according to what has been established by the chronicler Andrés de Cereceda.

The name of the canton is in honor of Cacique Osa, who at the beginning of the Conquest and according to historical records of 1563, lived in the territory adjacent to the coast, specifically in Golfo Dosa, today known as Golfo Dulce.

The canton of Osa is dedicated to agribusiness, particularly palm, livestock and rice, activities that develop important cooperatives or companies. It should be noted that the visit of tourists and the construction of hotels and condominiums has been increasing. This growth trend in the tourism sector has been strengthened with the opening of the Costanera.


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